ELF is looking for EVS volunteers.

Project description

EVS volunteer project with Estonian Fund For Nature focuses on the themes of nature conservation, environment, volunteering and development of European awareness, both in terms of increased intercultural understanding and participation, and a better awareness of the European environment. 

The service lasts from May 1st until October 31st 2015 (6 months). 


The tasks of future volunteers include aspects of nature conservation management. Volunteer team within ELF consists of three people from Europe. The work will take place in outskirts of Estonia. Work includes preparations for the conservation holidays, building teamwork as well as physical work on the field, working  closely with local communities, keeping a blog of the activities.

Volunteers  will participate in more than 10 conservation holidays all over Estonia, some of them international. The role will be assisting  and  conducting  different habitat  management and restoration projects along with local volunteers. This will mean working with a local leader in every aspect of carrying out a successful habitat management project. The role includes communication with participating volunteers, occasionally taking care of transport, catering, accommodation, conservation works, tools, leisure, domestic and welfare aspects of projects.

In addition we have made it possible to contribute to natural scientists research work on Western Capracaillie (Tetrao urogallus) in Soomaa National Park.  Amphibian centre in Matsalu National Park will host our volunteers for a few weeks to help in restoring natterjack toad (Bufo calamita) populations.


The working day on the volunteer programme lasts usually 09:00 to 17:00. However, because of unpredictable weather conditions and remote locations, participants are asked to be flexible. Volunteers usually have weekends off but in some cases the programme structure means that team works on weekends, having additional days off instead where appropriate. The EVS volunteers usually work during 5 days each week (approximately 35 hours). The exact structure of each week is dependent on the projects involved and during the camp can encompass weekend working. Between  the  camps  there  are  3-4  days for vacation, though different leisure activities are the vital part of every camp. Free periods during the projects are decided together with volunteers. 

Hosting and time off

ELFs office is located in Tartu. That's where our volunteers will therefore also spend most of their time in between the conservation holidays. Hosting is provided in a student dormitory, Kreutzwaldi 52 close to the river and Tähtvere park – a nice 20 minute walk from our head office >>> 

Accommodation will be in a twin room with shared kitchen. EVS allowance per month: 85€+food allowance (6,5eur per day, when food not provided) A closer look at the dormitory.
Travel expenses to and from Estonia will be covered 100%. 

Leisure activities in Tartu and Estonia in general 

Hosting organisation

Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) is independent, non- governmental, non-profit environmental organisation. The aim of the Estonian Fund for Nature is to preserve the entire Estonian nature and it's diversity. Our priority fields are sea, forest and wetlands. Since 1991, ELF in cooperation with many people and organisations has been the leader of various wildlife conservation projects important to Estonia. On the initiative of ELF, natural parks and wildlife preserves have been established; also extensive inventories to map Estonias natural resources have been carried out.

In 2014, ELF organized 60 conservation holidays with almost 1000 participants. Since 2001, more than 6700 volunteers have contributed to conserving different wildlife habitats in Estonia. In addition to conservation holidays, ELF has also an oil-spill response team with more than 1000 volunteers. 

ELF is a partner on globe wide Let's Do It movement since 2008 which has 25 000-50 000 active volunteers on the national level, taking part annually in a one day of civil action called "Teeme Ära talgupäev".

People we've hosted

Over the years we have had the honour of hosting people from all around the Europe.
To get a closer look at what to wait, take a look on videos and photos of our 
previous volunteers >>> 

Our current volunteers for 2014 are also keeping a blog which gives a good overview of the main activities awaiting for you – take a look >>>

More information

Triin Nõu 

Estonian Fund for Nature 
Lai 29 51014 Tartu 

If you are interested in cooperation, then please contact triin@elfond.ee by September 1st 2014.